Breathe Clo

Breathe Clo – First sustainable street wear fashion brand from India to the world 


It’s just as comfortable as your favorite t-shirt, but better for the planet.      

The latin word for a breath, ‘spiritus’, is not only the origin of the word spirit, but  also the likes of conspire (literally a “breathing together), perspire(literally “breathing through”), and inspire (to have an idea literally “breathing into you”).

BꓤEATHE CLO is more than a brand; it’s an embodiment of meticulous craftsmanship.  Our designs draw inspiration from the rhythm of city life, pulse of street culture and elegance of runway. BꓤEATHE CLO is not just clothing; it’s a narrative that speaks to the bold, the unapologetic and the trendsetters who breathe life into their style.  

Breathe Clo movement
Breathe Clo movement

BꓤEATHE CLO is more than a streetwear label; it’s a movement.  Join us in rewriting the rules of luxury streetwear. Embrace the journey where every garments tells a unique story, and every step is a statement.   

 “A new plant will be grown from the sale of every garment”.     

Home is where BEATHE is | life is where BEATHE is | you are where BEATHE is.

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